Baghera/wines, a wine experts office dedicated to exceptional wines.

We, Michael Ganne and Julie Carpentier, have created Baghera/wines, a bureau of experts dedicated exclusively to the finest wines. Our ambition: to orchestrate exceptional and specialised fine wine auctions, in both room and online sales.

Your experts in fine wines

We organise one to two room sales a year. For these prestigious events, we endeavour to tell a story of a heritage, whether it be that of a prestigious domain, a rare collection or a legendary vintner.

Our online sales, called “Wine o'clocks”, are more frequent and thematic. Every month or so, internet users passionate about wine have the opportunity to acquire the finest wines in just a few clicks on our secure auction platform.

In addition to these unique experiences that define our auctions, our objective was to offer to prestigious wine enthusiasts a range of services pertaining to the hedonistic pleasures related to the life of wine: collecting, buying, selling, conserving, tasting, creating gastronomic alliances and even savouring to music.

This is the creation story behind Baghera/wines events that now also include Baghera/cellar, which proposes menus of fine wines to Geneva and Romand restaurants and very soon our boutique in the heart of the Beau-Rivage Hotel in Geneva.

At the beginning of 2019 we opened a bureau in Hong-Kong to consolidate our presence amid our Asian clientele. Led by Francesco Lee, a long-time associate of the Baghera/wines adventure, this new division supports our development alongside the most important wine consumers and collectors in the world.

In September 2020, we officially inaugurated our new Geneva establishment, incorporating a private club and boutique dedicated to fine wines, within the Beau-Rivage hotel, Geneva.

In October 2022, the company expanded its activities in Asia with the opening of Baghera/wines Singapore Ltd. The entity will hold physical and online auctions in Singapore as of the beginning of 2023.

millions CHF

With over CHF 100 million in sales since our creation in late 2015, we became, in just three years, the European leader in auction sales of exceptional wines ahead of numerous historic houses (for 2018).

Thanks to our common experiences in fine wines auctions, we are eager to offer amateurs and collectors an exclusive and personalized package of services, from wine expertise to boutique-fine wine auction house.
Michael Ganne

Our departments

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Our team at the service of the world’s finest & rarest wines

We are seasoned specialists in the evaluation of cellars as well as in bottle authentication. We put all our experience and our in-depth knowledge of the fine wines market at the service of our clients; collectors, professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Michael Ganne


Michael Ganne is originally from the Médoc region near Bordeaux and naturally chose to dedicate himself to the wine business. Yet his unswerving taste for novelty spanned well beyond the great Bordeaux wines of his native land.

A graduate of the International Vine and Wine Office with a Master of Wine Management, Michael has visited more than twenty-four countries and met with the most influential people in the business.

A strong promoter of the great vintage bottles he unearths, Michael auctioned some of the most glamorous sales as Head of Continental Europe for the Wine Department at Christie's.

Yet, relentlessly looking for new perspectives, Michael decides to found his own auction house, Baghera/wines, in 2015. Since Baghera/wines' creation, we owe Michael the most impressive world records, including the biggest wine auction ever: “Henri Jayer, The Heritage” which he auctioned in June 2018, selling for CHF 34,5M.

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Julie Carpentier

deputy ceo

Julie Carpentier’s past is deeply rooted to the Loire valley. These regional origins may very well have given her the desire to take the plunge and work in wineries and vineyards. Yet it may simply have been the encounter with her husband-to-be, an accomplished winemaker…

In a former life, Julie studied Art and Archaeology at the École du Louvre before joining Christie's Wine Department as Wine Specialist, where she dedicated her expertise to fine wines.

Also a graduate from WSET, Julie has shown a remarkable understanding of native varietals together with an overall taste for exceptional and unique crus.

Thus, when Michael asked her to join him in the creation of Baghera/wines, she did not hesitate to be part of the venture as Deputy Director, heading the team. Having developed strong ties with Domains, especially in Burgundy, Julie enjoys meeting vintners and people of the vine, pursuing her defense for the recognition and promotion of the art of winemaking.

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Francesco Lee

director asia

An early passionate, following his “soul of wine”, Francesco is a true enthusiast. Having travelled far and wide and tasted many legendary wines, he has shared his in-depth knowledge with connoisseurs worldwide and collectors for many years.

Originally working as an equities research analyst in a French investment bank, Francesco changed his career to the wine industry, joining Christie's as Senior Wine Specialist and Associate VP in 2008, where he co-organized, amongst others, the Château Latour ex-cellar sale in 2011 in Hong-Kong.

Catching up on their mutual passion for fine wines, Michael and Francesco joined forces to develop and strengthen Baghera/wines’ presence throughout Asia. A fervent amateur of European culture and of exceptional French wines especially, Francesco loves bringing people and continents together over the finest crus.

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Arthur Leclerc

director singapore

Arthur Leclerc, born in Geneva, comes from a family of restaurateurs who passed on the taste for cooking and sharing gourmet cuisine. An insatiable epicurean, Arthur is fascinated with all things food and trained in the kitchens of a gastronomic restaurant.

Arthur then went on to study at the prestigious École Hôtelière de Genève where he was particularly captivated by event management and œnology. He complemented his hospitality training with two in-house professional experiences at the Ritz Hotel in Paris and at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie in Geneva.

Whilst pursuing his passion for the study of wines and spirits, Arthur met Michael and Julie during the inaugural Baghera/wines auction. He joined the team as Sales & Events Officer during the organization of the “Henri Jayer, The Heritage” auction in 2018.

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Olivia Bouët-Willaumez

art director

An artist's daughter and grand-daughter, of British and French origins, Olivia has always been sensitive to the intricate geography of signs. Brought up in a multicultural artistic environment on 2 languages, classical music, jazz, PG tips tea, ponies, cats&dogs and books, she fell in love with Hitchcock's oeuvre at an early age and decided to study Dramatic Art in the United Kingdom. She later pursued her acting training in Paris and Moscow and worked as an actress for the theater and cinema for fifteen years.

Family heredity compellingly made its way back, as the atavic urge for drawing and all things graphic sprung up again. Whether sketching portraits on paper tablecloths in restaurants or in her countless notebooks at the terraces of literary cafes in Paris, the fascination for signs on paper led Olivia to join some of the largest publishing houses in Paris and French press groups.

Michael invited her to join Baghera/wines as Art Director in 2015 and she has since signed Baghera's graphic identity and catalogues.

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Pablo Alvarez

director geneva

Pablo, originally from Spain, has always been in close contact with the fine wine world as his family runs one of the most prestigious wineries in Spain.

An Agricultural Engineer graduated from the Madrid University, Pablo chose to follow his passion for the wine industry and specialise in crop science with emphasis on viticulture and oenology.

With his technical and analytical mindset combined with his passion for fine wines, Pablo joined Baghera/wines in 2019 as Wine Specialist within the team.

At his early career stages, Pablo gained financial knowledge by working several years in Private Equity. But his always increasing curiosity led Pablo to continue learning about the wine business by studying at the WSET. Combined with his other passion fine dining, he has been travelling around the world visiting some of the most prestigious wineries and restaurants.

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Gary Bovagne

Boutique Manager
Originally from Burgundy, Gary is indisputably passionate about gastronomy and the fruit of the vine. After starting his career in the restaurant business in England, he was later able to follow his passion at Le Chat-Botté * 18/20 where, thanks to felicitous encounters, he joined the team of sommeliers at the Michelin-starred restaurant.

He advanced within the establishment and was appointed Head Sommelier of the restaurant. After 14 years of working and learning, his daughter was born and he decided it was time to dedicate more time to his family.

Henceforth, it is with the Baghera/wines team, as Manager of La Boutique by Baghera/wines, that he opens a new chapter and, like the rest of the team, Gary will be keen to offer advice and provide you with services to make your experience at Baghera/wines unique.

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Charlotte Jimenez

Club Manager

Charlotte, who is from the Périgord in the Dordogne, has certainly succeeded in keeping intact her passion for culture and history, which early on inspired this epicurean, in love with the rich heritage of the South-West, be it gastronomic (foie gras, truffles, mushrooms, ... ) or viticultural!

After two years spent at the Faculty of Law in Périgueux, during which her curiosity and fascination for wine continued to grow, Charlotte headed for Burgundy where she completed her Bachelor's degree in Wine & Spirits at INSEEC in Beaune. Her encounters with many local professionals (winegrowers, wine merchants, agents in wine tourism, etc.) confirmed Charlotte's desire to place her passions - wine, marketing and events - at the heart of her future professional career.

Particularly attracted by the world of luxury and fine wines, Charlotte joined the Baghera/wines team in January 2020 for a long-term internship. To reinforce her 'wine & luxury' specialisation, she began her Master of Luxury Marketing at INSEEC CREA in Geneva in September 2021, while continuing her missions with Baghera/wines where she is in charge of the operational preparation of auctions and the numerous events (tastings, wine tours, etc.) organised throughout the year.

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Kishan Siriwardena

chief financial officer

Born in Geneva to a Sri Lankan wine enthusiast father and a Finnish mother passionate about numbers, Kishan is the perfect image of these two contrasting personalities. He discovered and flourished in the world of gastronomy and wine at the Hotel Management School in Geneva . He then continued his studies, specialising in financial management at the Haute Ecole de Gestion in Geneva.

Before joining the Baghera team, Kishan held various positions in the hotel world, notably in cost control in a Geneva palace. He was also in charge of the development of a financial plan for the opening of a boutique hotel in Sri Lanka.

It was at this point in his career that he met Michael and Arthur, who is also a former student of the Hotel School, and the whole Baghera/wines team, and was offered the chance to combine his two passions, for wine and numbers, in the role of CFO of Baghera.

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Cédric Lefrançois

Cellar Manager

Originally from the Ain region on the French-Swiss border, Cédric joined the Baghera/wines team in autumn 2021. Trained in international logistics, Cédric has worked for more than 20 years in and around Geneva.

For the past 15 years, Cédric has been in charge of a professional fine wine warehouse in the centre of Geneva, where he supervised and developed the storage services and imparted to the teams his knowledge and skills in national and international logistics.

Being in close contact with the finest bottles and the most discerning collectors throughout his career, Cédric has put to good use his interest in wines and spirits, and today benefits from a vast experience in the great wines of the world.

When Cédric joined the Baghera/wines adventure in 2021, it was the culmination of a long professional relationship with Julie and Michael, in the service of excellence and of wine, a passion that is undoubtedly at the very heart of this insatiable epicurean.

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Asta Ponzo

Public Relations Consultant

Born in Geneva, after studying law at the University of Geneva, Asta Ponzo swiftly branched off into the luxury goods industry. A skilled linguist, she communicates with ease with her network and clients in French, English, Croatian, German, Italian and Spanish.

With extensive technical experience in the Creation and Product Development department at Vacheron Constantin, a Richemont group company and the oldest watchmaking Manufacture in the world, Asta Ponzo spent five years working with decision-makers in the watchmaking industry, thus consolidating both her technical grounding in the field of fine watchmaking and her international network.

In 2003, her career path led her to the position of Communication Manager for Vacheron Constantin a company of the Richemont Group working on the Swiss market. As part of this role, she brought innovative solutions to events, PR strategy, media buying and HNWI customer care.

In 2012, after spending more than 14 years working for prestigious watch and jewellery companies, Asta founded her own communications consulting firm: The Luxury PR.

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Florian Luthi

Photography Manager

Florian graduated from the Ecole Cantonale d'Arts de Lausanne (ECAL) in 2012, after completing the Bachelor in Photography. Since then, he has been working as a freelance photographer for various reputable companies and clients. After several years in Lausanne and several artistic residencies (Genoa, Barcelona), Florian seized the opportunity to do a Master’s degree in London at the famous Royal College of Art in 2017. As he is fond of saying, he immersed himself in that vibrant city for several years, before finally coming back to Switzerland, more precisely to Geneva, the city where he was born, but where he had never lived.

Florian continued his work as an artist in parallel to his professional assignments where he frequently used the photographic medium and film in more experimental projects. Florian's artistic work has been exhibited at the Athens Photo Festival, at the Photoforum in Biel and at the Swiss Art Awards in Basel where he received the Kiefer Hablitzel prize. His films have been selected in Venice, London (Best Experimental Film), Stuttgart and at the Abattoirs de Toulouse, to name but a few...

Inspired by theatre, literature, black coffee and wine, the encounter between Florian and Baghera/wines quickly turned into a fine and creative collaboration, combining many common passions and inspirations.

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Dominique Fornage


Dominique Fornage comes from Switzerland. At the age of 20, he discovered the world of fine wines in which he showed immediate interest with the help of the best local experts who told him all you need to know about wine tasting.

In 1983 he opened the first vinothèque, in the Canton of Valais, Vinothèque Nobilis. Three years later he was launching the first Wine Competition of the Valais canton, which is the only official contest today.

Dominique Fornage has sat on a number of national and international panels of judges. He also leads masterclasses on wine and wine tasting in several government schools. As an expert, his preference goes to the finest regional wines throughout the world, from the French motherland to Argentina. Today his exclusive wine masterclasses are famous throughout the whole of Europe.

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Emilie Drouin

Digital content strategist

Emilie studied political science at the IEP of Bordeaux and at the CELSA, the Sorbonne school of communication. She began her career in communication in Paris where she worked for international companies such as Thalys Trains, the Carrefour group and EasyJet.

Her passion for digital technology took Emilie to Switzerland in 2014, where she published a creative blog and studied for a Diploma in Web Project Management at the SAWI, Lausanne, which she obtained in 2016.

It was at this time that she met Michael Ganne and Julie Carpentier who were seeking support for the digital communication at Baghera/wines. Inspired by the challenge of the company’s international reach and the passion of its founders, she joined the Master Cellar sales team in June 2016.

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