Event — Clos Rougeard, the Timeless

« At Clos Rougeard, time is the master of the place. He alone allows the vines and the wines the freedom to reveal themselves ».

This is how the mythical "Foucault brothers" summarize their philosophy of vine growing. Limiting human intervention, respecting the earth and making wine rigorously; these are the precepts followed at the estate for at least fifty years. Fathers of a reasoned and organic agriculture, without claiming the label, the wines produced at the domain have become myths. Faithful to their ancestors, the vintages do not multiply in order to better care for those that exist. At Clos Rougeard, we promote quality, even excellence, but excellence in all simplicity.

An exceptional tasting and carefully selected vintages, fruits of the work of the two brothers, before the tragic death of "Charly" at the end of 2015. A well-deserved tribute through the three red wines - Le Clos, Les Poyeux, Le Bourg - and the emblematic white wine - Brézé -, in the strict respect of the regional grape varieties, Cabernet Franc and Chenin. The Loire, with the great diversity of its soils and an almost clement climate, seems to be asserting itself a little more as a land of the future. 

More than a domain, a phenomenon, a must for wine lovers, collectors and restaurateurs. An evolving estate, which has been in the news in recent years due to its change of ownership. But, beyond - or even above - material and strategic contingencies, one statement seems immutable: the quality of the wine remains the same!

Tuesday, April 4 2023
19:00 PM - Restaurant Le 23

Rue de la Coulouvrenière, 23

1204 Geneva

Special menu by the chief with a food and wine pearing.

Clos Rougeard, Saumur, Brézé 2004, chenin

Clos Rougeard, Saumur, Brézé 2015, chenin

Clos Rougeard, Saumur-Champigny, Le Bourg 1996, cabernet franc

Clos Rougeard, Saumur-Champigny, Le Bourg 2013, cabernet franc

Clos Rougeard, Saumur-Champigny, Les Poyeux 1996, cabernet franc

Clos Rougeard, Saumur-Champigny, Les Poyeux 2016, cabernet franc

Clos Rougeard, Saumur-Champigny, Le Clos 2010, cabernet franc

Clos Rougeard, Saumur-Champigny, Le Clos 2013, cabernet franc

Domaine Huet, Moelleux, Clos du Bourg 1988

Participants limited to 10 

Member price : CHF 490.-

Non member price : CHF 570.-

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