“Wine o'clocks” step by step

“Wine o’clocks” are auctions, offered exclusively on our website.

These one-off and regular theme-based sales offer fine wines selected by our team of experts on our dedicated auction platform.

The defining feature of these sales: the auction prices decrease gradually – the first to click wins the lot!


1 — Pre-register

In order to be able to participate in our “wine o’clocks”, it is necessary for you to pre-register and create your client account if you are participating for the first time. After your registration is validated (which takes a maximum of 12 hours), you will have your personal login details, which will enable you to get involved with all the Baghera “wine o’clocks”. These details will also give you access to your personal client account, which will keep track of your purchase amounts for each sale you participate in.

2 — Make your choice!

A few days before the date of the sale, the catalogue can be accessed on the website. Browse this online catalogue. For each lot, it shows you a definitive list, detailed descriptions of the wines and high-definition photos, too.

3 — Place your bids!

At this stage, you can enter your bids at a set price if you cannot log in during the sale. These bids will be executed during the sale, on your behalf. In the event that 2 bids were left at the same price, priority will be given to whichever was received first.

4 — Get ready!

On the specific date and time of the “wine o’clock”, lots are put up for sale. Each lot is announced with a high price and a low price.

5 — Tic…

Bids start at the high price, and fall progressively to the low price, in regular increments. These increments succeed each other, at the same frequency, and are displayed on your screen.

6 — Tac…

The countdown displayed at the top of the screen shows you the number of seconds before the next increment, falling to the lower price. A reminder of the current increment amount is shown just below.

7 — Click!

The first user to click on “Buy” wins the auction. However, written bids placed and recorded by other bidders have precedence over live bids.

8 — Keep going…

The next lot is then offered under the same principle, until the last lot has been auctioned.

9 — Congrats!

If you have won one or several lots during the sale (live or following absentee bid orders), you receive – once the sale has finished – an email sumarising your purchases (information also available in your personal client account).

10 — Thankyou

Baghera/wines will then contact you for invoicing and delivering your wines.

Please note that a buyer’s premium of 22% (exc. VAT) will be added to the final bid price for each lot you win during these “wine o’clock” sales.